Client Reviews

Charlotte Tongue
Reiki Practitioner Training

This journey has been so amazingly beautiful, profound and enlightening!  To find my connection to Source, and to learn how to get out of my own way.

Nela Holeckova
Reiki Practitioner Training

Your Reiki Level I course has had a significant impact upon my life since learning 2 months ago. I feel more confident with expressing myself. And I can clearly define what I want to be a part of and what doesn’t serve me anymore. I really enjoyed the practical activities in Reiki Level II and have found them very useful.

Jenny Osborne
Reiki Practitioner Training

Since learning Reiki II, I have been doing Reiki with some of the patients at the hospital. And I am getting great outcomes. A man asked me last night if I could do some on him to help him with self-love, being optimistic and having a positive influence on the people he comes into contact with.

I did roughly a 20 minute session. He said it was amazing, and it blew his mind! He told me after though, that he was a bit of a sceptic but thought he’d like to give it a go. He now wants me to do more Reiki on him. I was amazed that he felt the unusual but pleasant sensations that he experienced!

Thank you so much for teaching me this wonderful gift of helping others. 

I love you Belle 🙏💖

Phil Burton
Reiki Practitioner Training

I want to pass onto you now while the memory and feeling is still with me, of the profound impact that my wife and I experienced the Monday after the weekend of Reiki Level I Practitioner Training.

We both commented after the end of that day of how fantastic we felt all day; with great energy and a new calmness as we worked during the day. Although the feeling is not as strong today, I still feel new, alive and refreshed after the weekend to a level that I have not felt for a long time.

My wife, my son and I are meditating and practising in our spare time. And I now start and end my day with a new and relaxed state of mind.

We are all looking forward to attending Reiki Level II to further develop our skills and continue on our new spiritual journey.

And for some reason I resonated with the singing bowls you used during our meditations. They gave me an immediate and understood feeling which I was able to accept with no explanation. I will over time include them in my new journey.

Thank you for the great weekend and the new awakening.

Bec Fusca
Reiki Practitioner Training

I am still feeling such a buzz from the weekend. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and wisdom in such a beautiful, kind and caring environment.

I have never experienced and learned so many life changing things in all my years. I’m so excited to keep learning and growing and I would love to enrol for the Reiki Level II course.

I left the course with such a full heart of absolute gratitude and happiness. You truly are an amazing and inspiring woman.

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou 💫💜

Claudia Estevez
Reiki Practitioner Training

This course taught me how to be kind and gentle to myself and others. I feel like my anxiety levels have been significantly reduced. And I can finally live in the moment. Everything was performed so beautifully. And I feel very satisfied with my overall experience.

Rachelle Freeman regarding her 2 Daughters, Age 5 and 7
Heavenly Healing Treatments

Having personal success going to see Belle, I now also take my daughters to see her when they experience physical and emotional challenges.

She supports my girls in a loving way, and does whatever she can to help them. As always, her focus is 100% on them, doing what’s for their highest good. My girls have had a lot of success, thanks to Belle’s support and guidance.

Paul Chapman
Heavenly Healing Treatments

I first met Belinda, along with Hannah, her Assistant at Burleigh Farmers Markets. I felt a connection with them both straight away, to the point where I spoke about several things that I don’t tell anyone because they caused me grief.

I booked a Heavenly Guidance & Healing Treatment with Belinda. Upon walking into her office, I felt nothing but calm and peace. However I still had the anxious feeling, along with so many other feelings that I have carried with me my entire life.

During the session I let myself be present and fully in the moment, unlike many other similar sessions I had been to throughout the years. This was because I felt safe and comfortable in Belinda’s energy.

Upon leaving Belinda’s office, I felt so different. I felt I had my purpose back, and many changes where in store for me. In the last four days, I have noticed many things. The doubt around my existence no longer haunts me. And I feel like I can take on the world. Many feelings of a negative nature that have controlled my life for as long as I can remember are no longer present. I feel happy in me. And I have a greater insight to who I am and where I am heading.

Prior to Belinda’s healing I was so tired. However, I woke the following morning fresh and ready to take on the day. While I am still a little tired from lack of sleep over the last several months, I am sleeping better and waking with more energy.

What can I say….. My session with Belinda has given me back my life. In ways I have not felt for so long. I can’t remember feeling like this.

Thank you!

Kristy Thomas
Heavenly Healing Treatments

I saw Belle following a particularly challenging part of my life. And she really helped me open-up to heal. Over the 2 appointments, I experienced quite a few different techniques. And I feel that I really got so much better after going to see her!

She was so knowledgeable on everything we discussed. And because my main interest was in healing with crystals, that was the avenue we took. She blew me away with all of the different techniques and uses of crystals.

I learnt more about liquid crystals and took a course of the Heart Chakra Trinity. And I LOVED it. I totally recommend taking a course. They are AWESOME! My favourite part was using the liquid crystals and the Heavenly Spa Healing Treatment that we did. It really made the world of difference. And I’m glad I went to go see her.

Carole Starr – Kinesiologist / Theta Healer
Heavenly Healing Treatments

Belinda has many skills and gifts which she blends into a unique form of healing, depending upon each person’s individual needs at the time. She us truly dedicated to her work and service to humanity, and I always find a session with her to be very helpful.

Charlotte Tongue
Heavenly Healing Treatments

You immediately feel at peace when you’re in Belle’s presence. She is the most beautiful soul and your guaranteed to have the most magical and beautiful experience with her.

I was truly blessed to receive healing from Belle. And I have walked out of the room each time, feeling more aligned, connected to Source and well balanced as my intentions were honoured.

I would recommend Belle’s services to everyone I speak to. 

Thank you so much beautiful Belle 💜💜💜

Felicity Miller
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

My Life Coach, my Healer, my Friend. I love my sessions with Belle. I always leave lighter and a better person. Belle brings so much to each visit with her experience, kindness and genuine interest to improve the quality of lives of others. I have no doubt Belle will enrich anyone’s life she works with.

Katherine Wellings
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

I first met Belle when I enrolled in her Reiki Level I course in Tamworth. I have since completed my Reiki Master training with her. And I have also embarked on her Coaching & Healing Program.

Belle’s Coaching and Divine guidance has assisted me with the challenges that have been a concern for me for some time. Her compassion and guidance has supported me to step out of what was holding me back and allowed me to move forward. It has also given me the skills and tools to deal with the challenges that come my way.

I highly recommend Belle if you need to find your way or are even just seeking some additional support. I look forward to continuing my journey and having Belle’s assistance and Coaching in the future xx

Rachelle Freeman
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

I’ve been a client of Belle’s now for over 3 years since enrolling to do her Divine Creation and Manifestation Program. Pryor to that, I felt disconnected, unhappy and at odds with myself. I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live, and I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be.

Today, because of my time with Belle and the incredible work she does, I am much closer to being the person and the Mum I want to be. Each appointment with Belle is uniquely tailored to my needs, and for my highest good.

What I love about Belle is how focused she is on me and what I need. And how good I feel after I’ve been to see her. Not to mention the benefits I enjoy of the long-term effects of the inner work that we do together.

Making positive changes in my life has had a big impact on my life, and the life of my family.

I would highly recommend Belle from LaSetaBelle to anyone who is wanting to make positive changes in their life. And to those who just want to feel better within themselves.

Jason Johns
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

It would be 2 years ago now that I had just gone through a divorce. And with no family, well you could say I was completely lost. Then a person I knew gave me a ticket to the Gold Coast Health Harmony Soul Expo. This is where I met Belle. She was so warm, and her kind words really resonated with me.

I started off with the 10 visit introduction which was what I needed to get my head around my life and where I was at that stage. After this we agreed to continue our sessions every 4 weeks. And as time has gone by, I have really come to look forward to my visits. To sit down with someone who really cares for me and has had real life situations similar with mine.

It is so awesome to talk with Belle, and not have her just sit there and say ” so how does that make you feel”, as a lot of professional people do. Belle has helped me believe in myself and to trust the universe. To see all the things that are happening around me that my family, friends, people that have passed over and my spirt guides are doing to support me.

If you are feeling lost and need a friend to help you through a tight spot, then I highly recommend Belle to help you.

Erin Litchfield
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

Since I met Belle 2yrs ago, she has helped me change my life dramatically. I used to wake up with anxiety every morning. And she has taught me how to deal with many different situations to reduce this. I no longer wake up anxious. And I have a completely new outlook on life.

Belle has also trained me to become a Reiki Master, which has made a huge difference in my life. I have come to understand, that Reiki really is the best medicine for so many different symptoms, whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

Belle is my Friend, Psychologist, Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Guide all in one. And I would highly recommend her services.

Alison Miller
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program

I highly recommend LaSetaBelle. Over the last 5 years, Belle has provided me with exceptional guidance and support during challenging times. Her techniques, authenticity, intuition and loving nature have brought clarity and healing to support me on the path of well-being and living as my best self.

Whether it has been clearing blocks to moving forward, assisting with stress and physical ailments or spiritual guidance, I’ve always felt safe and understood in her hands. Belle has a profound connection to source and brings this to every session.

Belle has also taught me Reiki to Reiki Master Practitioner level. And I have found that learning Reiki with Belle was an honour and an amazing life enhancing experience. I continue to use this knowledge every day of my life.

Carol Russell
Divine Creation & Manifestation Program 

Belinda has been my coach/mentor/healer/magician for nearly 5 years. She has without a doubt played a significant role in getting me through some of the biggest transitions in my life. I don’t think I would be where I am today without her.

Belinda is kind and gentle yet wise, intuitive and very knowledgeable. Her dedication to her own personal growth is a testament to how dedicated she is to her clients. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to consider becoming the best version of themselves.

Anne Bayford
Channeling & Energetic Healing

I was fortunate to meet Belle at a Retreat that I was assisting at in November 2014. 

I thought she was an amazing Channel for Divine and having spent some time with her, I realised she was also very well versed in Energetic healing. 

I started to see Belle as my healer for Energetic healing and Channelling work in December 2014. I have had the most amazing changes in my life. Belle was able to help me heal past lives, past life karma, wipe out finished contracts, remove old stagnant energy that was effecting all areas of my current life.

And of course Belle also channelled my Dad and my Nan, who have helped guide some of the channelling and healings for what I need to be working on to take my own journey to the next level. Belle uses her intuition and guides to work out each session so no two look or feel the same.

With Belle’s talent, I have been able to transform my life. I continue to work with Belle for my own development.

Love and Blessings.

Vu Vuong‎
Channeling & Energetic Healing

Hello there, beautiful souls 

I just wanted to share with you all my wonderful story about my experience with Belinda Slack-Smith… I met her at a self mastery retreat last December… Although I hide my pain and sadness (used to) with an ever present smile; Belinda could sense my sadness and approached me to offer a spirit-channeling session. 

Not to go into much detail regarding the actual process but it’s suffice to say that it was and extraordinary and healing experience… I was able to let go of the majority of sadness in me and now my smile is 100% genuine. 

I am forever grateful to you my beautiful friend.

Annie Hannagan
Channeling & Energetic Healing


Thank you so very much for the channelling and energetic healing sessions I have had with you. 

You truly are an angel. I have been given back my self worth and am ready to move forward easier than I have ever done. 

Thank you for being you and for everything you do for everyone. 

Much love and gratitude to you xx

Trish Ann
Channeling & Energetic Healing


Thank you for my channeling session last week.

It was what I needed to hear and since then things that you told me have all been aligning and it has helped me know which direction I need to take xox

I am forever grateful.

Much love xox

Justine Maddern‎
Channeling & Energetic Healing & Reiki Healing

Thank you so much for sharing your gift Belinda Slack-Smith …. today you gave me insight into my life, my life purpose and my career. I was so amazed at the insight you had and in how accurately you could identify things or events that only I knew about!

Everything is so much clearer now and you have validated my thoughts and intuition!!! You have confirmed I am on the right path but also showed me options I was not even aware existed for me! I feel so blessed and inspired by you- you are an amazing and gifted woman.

By the way – that was truly the best Reiki session I have ever had!!!! I feel it has cleared quite a lot for me today and I will see the effects over the coming weeks.

Thank you sooooo much and cannot wait until I return for another visit!!

Carol Russell
Channeling & Energetic Healing & Life Coaching 

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to tell everyone about my experience so far with the lovely Belinda! I have been doing life coaching sessions incorporating NLP for the last few months, more recently on a regular fortnightly basis. 

Like most people there is always something challenging going on in our lives, for me it’s dealing with unnecessary guilt, fear or anxiety about the future, a far too chatty mind and learning how to fully love and appreciate myself. In the last two weeks 

I have had peace in my mind for the first time in a long time. I am comfortable with who I am and where I am and am super excited about my next steps with Belinda, setting goals and moving forward with passion and excitement. 

I think the most important thing for people to know when embarking on this kind of journey is that it does take work. Belinda is an amazing soul, has a beautiful heart and is very capable in what she is doing. But you need to be committed to doing the tasking, dealing with the tough issues and mostly being patient with yourself. 

I have found the ‘penny dropping’ at the most random moments, but clarity abounds and it so amazing to have that. It’s not a quick fix but I can assure you it’s worth it. 

I have so much more to do with Belinda and I am very much looking forward to it xoxoxo

Lisa Hassett
Channeling & Energetic Healing


Thank you beautiful Belinda Slack-Smith my channeling and energetic healing sessions with you has released a lot of heaviness I have been carrying around with me. Im so looking forward to our future sessions. Thank you for coming into my life.

Tracey Hart
Channeling & Energetic Healing

Belle, time flies when you are having fun. I have been meaning to let everyone know that I had a great session with you back in Feb, and to thank you and send back the love that I received, I have been sending it but forgetting to tell you so hopefully you have felt it come your way. 

Thank you for the beautiful messages. I most certainly have been keeping my eyes open and my ears alert for the signs that I have previously missed.  And what progress I have made!! 

My guides and messages have been awesome. I have some pretty powerful friends in spirit and have learnt to trust in them and follow guidance. On a recent trip to the solicitor, everything kept coming up 880….. a real mind blowing message.  Seeing as I was asking for guidance from Jesus, and you had mentioned in your session that Jesus was with me, and said I just needed to speak to him each day. The 880 was confirmation that he had heard me and wanted me to know. Funny when you know what you are looking for xxxx 

Much love to you Belle.

Suzanne Ingleton‎
Channeling & Energetic Healing

Hi there! I just wanted to let everyone know what a Gift Belle is to us! I received some amazing Channelling and Energetic Healing that has helped me in many ways to move forward and structure any important decisions, and also to set my intentions around moon cycles and how to help myself heal when out in Nature. I was also introduced to some very special beings who have always been there for me – my Angel Guides!

Time with Belle has many facets and all are designed to help, heal and guide with love and light. The past few days have been very intense with the Fullness of the moon so if you are needing some answers on why these energy shifts are affecting you. I highly recommend making an appointment with Belle! 


Roma Filippow – Reiki Master/Teacher
Reiki Healing & Reiki Training 

I have had the pleasure of teaching Belinda Reiki I through to Reiki Master Teacher.

During this time I have found her to be a very dedicated student, practitioner and teacher.

I am very honoured and full of gratitude for the Reiki treatments Belinda has given to me, her powerful yet gentle energy has helped me on numerous occasions.

Belinda is a professional and honourable therapist and above all a wonderful person full of compassion and loving energy. Her ability to help others help themselves is inspiring and I would recommend her to anyone seeking Reiki treatment or to learn Reiki.

In my opinion Belinda is what I call a true Earth Angel.

Love, Light & Gratitude.

Lesley Duff
Reiki Healing

I would highly recommend Reiki treatment provided by Belinda. Since having Reiki sessions I have found an inner calmness and peace. Belinda is truly gifted in what she does.