Heavenly Healing Treatments


Spa Healing Treatment

Relax & rejuvenate in a tranquil setting to cleanse & purify your Mind, Body, Emotions & Soul. Supporting you to restore balance and harmony and improve your well-being on a Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional level. Heavenly Spa Healing Treatment includes a combination of: 

  • Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Sound Healing
  • Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy along with a Transformative Consultation.


Guidance & Healing Treatment

Become more aligned within, connected to Source & raise your Vibration. Experience crystal clear clarity & direction as Belle communicates with your Soul, connects with Spirit & Channels Divine Guidance to support you on your path for your highest good.

Throughout this enlightening reading, you will also have the opportunity to become aware of & heal any blockages that are currently holding you back with a very powerful form of Energetic Healing. Enabling clearing on many levels including DNA, past life, various frequencies in this lifetime and at the Soul Level. Heavenly Guidance & Healing Treatment is also available via Phone.

Treatment Investment

This investment is for both the Heavenly Spa Healing & Heavenly Guidance & Healing Treatment 

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