What Would Happen if You Had Time Out?

Do you ever have time out just to do nothing?  (are you thinking) What?  What is she saying?  Is this a foreign concept to you?  Well I would like to pose the question………. What would happen if you had time out?  What would really happen? Well let me tell you…..

Pottsville Creek

  • Your batteries will become re-charged
  • You will feel more alive
  • You will gain rest and relaxation (how often do you really get that?)
  • You will become more happier
  • You will receive some great insights into yourself
  • You will gain answers from within that you have been seeking and trying to find outside of you
  • You will have the opportunity to see all of the beauty that is around you
  • You will gain some ah ha moments and experience an expansion of consciousness
  • You will be able to spend more time doing what you love
  • You will be able to experience moments being fully present with the ones you love
  • Your relationship with yourself and others will deepen

Lauren's Sunset

This is exactly what happened with me on a 3 day camping trip earlier this week with my family at beautiful Pottsville.  And I cannot thank myself enough for doing it along with the Divine Guidance I received to not take my computer or do any work whilst I was there.

So I encourage you to have a little time out every day and a whole lot of time out on an occasional basis – perhaps to get away if that is what you like to do.  It does not need to be for too long to experience the wonderful benefits of taking time out.  And I guarantee you, it will truly be worth your while.

Be Well

Belinda Slack-Smith xox