Belle, time flies when you are having fun I have been meaning to let everyone know that I had a great session with you back in Feb and to thank you and send back the love that I received, I have been sending it but forgetting to tell you so hopefully you have felt it come your way. Thank you for the beautiful messages. I most certainly have been keeping my eyes open and my ears alert for the signs that I have previously missed and what progress I have made!! My guides and messages have been awesome and I have some pretty powerful friends in spirit and have learned to trust in them and take guidance. On a recent trip to the solicitor, everything kept coming up 880….. a real mind blowing message seeing as I was asking for guidance from Jesus, as you had mentioned in your session that Jesus was with me and said I just needed to speak to him each day, the 880 was confirmation that he had heard me and wanted me to know Funny when you know what you are looking for xxxx Much love to you Belle, hope to catch up soon.