I was fortunate to meet Belle at a Retreat that I was assisting at in November 2014.  I thought she was an amazing Channel for Divine and having spent some time with her, I realised she was also very well versed in Energetic healing.  I started to see Belle as my healer for Energetic healing and Channelling work in December 2014.  I have had the most amazing changes in my life.  Belle was able to help me heal past lives, past life karma, wipe out finished contracts, remove old stagnant energy that was effecting all areas of my current life.  And of course Belle also channelled my Dad and my Nan,  who have helped guide some of the channelling and healings for what I need to be working on to take my own journey to the next level.  Belle uses her intuition and guides to work out each session so no two look or feel the same.  With Belle’s talent, I have been able to transform my life.  I continue to work with Belle for my own development.

Love and Blessings