Reiki Healing


Reiki Healing to Promote Health and Well-Being

Relax and relieve the burdens of stress and tension.  Free your mind of toxins, negative feelings and thoughts.  Reiki Healing will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  LaSetaBelle – Holistic Coaching & Healing provides an expert Reiki Healing treatment by Certified Master Reiki Practitioner / Teacher, Belinda Slack-Smith.

What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese therapy from the middle 1800’s which is a proven technique that promotes natural healing.  This sacred technique is commonly known as ‘hands on healing’. Reiki energy, often described as ‘Universal Life Energy’ or ‘Spiritual Energy’ is access by the Practitioner during a treatment and enhances the body’s natural healing ability. 

Reiki Healing works to regain and boost the natural power of healing.  Reiki can be utilised on its own as a healing practice and is also safe to use in conjunction with orthodox and complementary medicine for the treatment of many illnesses.  Reiki does not interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.

Who Can Benefit From Reiki Healing?

During a treatment, Reiki Healing will go to wherever it is needed most in your mind / body / soul.  It will provide amazing effects such as relaxation, security, peace and well-being.  In today’s fast paced and frantic life, stress, tension and unresolved emotions are the main reasons for severe health issues.  These ailments can include headache, backache, depression, mood swings etc. and may even lead many various illnesses and diseases including cancer, diabetes or heart problems. 

Master Reiki Practitioner / Teacher, Belinda Slack-Smith has supported many clients over the years with her very powerful Reiki Healing treatments.  The most common request for each appointment has been to release stress and discomfort.  She has also assisted cancer patients to reduce pain and anxiety by providing a soothing effect to help counteract the harsh effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.  Belinda has also supported women experiencing difficulty falling pregnant by utilising Reiki Healing to assist with fertility.

So come and experience the many benefits that Reiki Healing has to offer.  You will feel like you’re being spoilt at a Day Spa.  This amazing treatment is only available in person.  LaSetaBelle – Holistic Coaching & Healing is located at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.