It’s Crystal Cleansing Time


With the full moon here, it’s time to get your beautiful crystals out and show them the love that they deserve by cleansing them.  When we are near or work with crystals, the crystals can absorb negative energy.  As a result, the crystal’s vibrational frequency can change.  Therefore cleansing and re-charging your crystals can ensure they return back to their original vibrational frequency.

There are a number of ways that you can cleanse your crystals.  However here are some simple steps that I do for my crystals; both my personal and the ones I work with…

Put them in the moon light when it is a full moon.  Crystals love to be cleansed and re-charged in a full moon.  Every crystal, regardless of its hardness can be safely cleansed in the moon light.  If you miss the full moon, you can put them out either the day before or the day after as the lunar energy is at its strongest for 3 days.

For some crystals, it is appropriate to wash them or rinse them first in water and then bathe them in the early morning sunlight afterwards.  Be cautious though, not to submerge your crystals in water if they have a MOH level of 5 or less.  I like to put my crystals out in the moonlight in my under cover outdoor area so that the soft crystals do not get wet if it rains.  Alternatively use the window sill.

For further information on which crystals can go into water, refer to the Mohs Scale of Hardness, courtesy of Gem Select https://www.gemselect.com/gem-info/gem-hardness-info.php.

Full Moon

There are many other suggestions which recommend different ways to wash your crystals such as; in soapy water, in salt water, etc and if you are curious about this, I recommend doing some further research based upon the crystals you have.  I also recommend doing further research on which crystals can go into the sunlight as some may fade if you do.

The other cleansing technique I utilise on a very regular basis is to do an energetic clearing on my crystals.  This is particularly relevant when working professionally with clients or if you feel your vibrational level has been quite low when you are around / wearing your crystals.

Also you can use white sage; this is what I do when I first buy a crystal or after using my crystals in a group setting. The main thing I feel, is to ensure our crystals are cleansed and re-charged on a regular basis to so that they maintain their original vibrational frequency.  Our crystals are beautiful gifts which benefit us in increasing our vibrational frequency so they deserve to be treated with much love and respect.  Best of luck with your crystal cleansing!

Be Well xox