How to deal with the effects of the full moon

Effects of the Full Moon

Hi there fellow beings of light

It is the time of the full moon again.  Additional to this, we have experienced an Eclipse on Wednesday 9th March and the Equinox on Sunday 20th March.  So if you are feeling a bit out of sorts, this will most likely explain why.

For many of my clients – including myself, this has been somewhat of a challenging time.  I thank God that I have the skills and strategies to assist myself and others through it.  So if you would like some support so that you can deal with the effects of the full moon your, I have some simple tips and strategies below for you.  These things are easy to do at any time and almost anywhere.

  1. Be Present – ensure to stay in the present moment as this will help any thoughts or emotions to come to the surface in order to be addressed if necessary.
  2. Surrender – surrender to whatever it is that you are experiencing and ask the Divine for support and loving guidance.
  3. Have Awareness – be the ‘Observer’ of what you are experiencing and be mindful of any tendencies of avoidance as this will cause suppression.
  4. Write – If you feel the need to vent or express your emotions, writing helps you to gain clarity and ‘release’ what is within you. It is a very freeing experience and allows the inner voice to be heard
  5. Exercise – Exercise has so many benefits – too many to mention. However it is a good way to balance your hormones (particularly for the ladies) and raise your serotonin levels which will improve your mood.
  6. Meditate – this is such a profound activity to do any time and again, the benefits are endless. However at the time of the full moon is really a powerful way of allowing one to free themselves of the effects of the full moon or at the times when things seem the hardest.
  7. Be Grateful – Look for the things to be thankful for in your life. Seek out what is working and what is going well for you.  This will raise your vibration and your frequency and allow you to attract more good in your life.

Above all, this is a time to be gentle and kind with yourself and others.  And to not make any important decisions about anything!  I am sending you love and wishing you the best with overcoming the effects of the full moon.

If you feel you need further healing to deal with any issues you are experiencing at the moment, feel free to contact me at LaSetaBelle -Holistic Coaching & Healing on 0408 217 414.  You can also check out my page lasetabelle.com/success to see if what I do resonates with you and to download your free copy of my ‘Top Ten Tips to Transform Yourself’.

Be Well

Belle Slack-Smith xo