Divine Guidance & Clearing

channeling and energetic healing

Divine Guidance & Clearing

If you have an interest in Spirituality, healing and following the path for your highest and best good or ensuring your actions are for the highest and best good of and all concerned, you will love Divine Guidance & Clearning! This very sacred therapy is designed to create a level of inner peace and tranquillity and assist you to have a closer, more loving relationship with the most important person in your life – you!

Owner and Founder of LaSetaBelle, Belinda Slack-Smith uses her very remarkable and unique Psychic abilities of Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairaudience (clear audio / hearing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairempathy (empathically feeling another person’s emotions), Clairtangency (clear touching) also commonly known as Psychometry and Channeling / Mediumship (communicating with Divine Spirits and Guides / Deceased Loved Ones).

When you experience LaSetaBelle’s Divine Guidance & Clearing, Belinda will connect with your Soul and the Divine Spirit / Source to very clearly understand what is happening in your body and Energy Field relating to your present and past.

During the session, Belinda will recognise any blockages within you that are holding you back from having the life that you want. Belinda will then use her unique form of amazing Energetic Clearning to immediately clear these blockages. The Energetic Clearing will remove issues such as negative emotions, entities, states, brain programs, conditions, blue prints, past lives, personalities, traumas, cellular memories, genetic cellular memories / effects in your DNA or anything at all that is stopping you from being happy and healthy.

Throughout your appointment, you will also receive Psychic Coaching, personally suited to your individual needs and intentions. This extraordinary technique will equip you with crystal clear clarity and direction, empowering you to take the actions required to have the life that you desire.

You will have the opportunity to connect with deceased loves ones, learn to connect with your Higher Self and work with your own intuition, learn who your guides are and work with the Angels or Ascended Masters.

When you experience a Divine Guidance & Clearing session with Belinda Slack-Smith at LaSetaBelle, you will experience a deeply profound level of inner peace and ‘sense of self’. This will enable you to feel enlightened and energetically ‘lighter’, therefore raising your vibration. Divine Guidance & Clearing will assist you to transform your life to ensure you follow your authentic path and live your life with meaning and passion.

How Divine Guidance & Clearing Will Benefit You

  • Receive inner peace and harmony
  • Balance your mind, body & soul
  • Release confusion and uncertainty by obtaining clarity
  • Learn which direction to take in your life
  • Clear unwanted blockages in any area of your life
  • Receive Divine Spiritual guidance and be coached Psychically
  • Recognise the truth about yourself
  • Heal mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally
  • Resolve any unwanted issues within your current or past lives
  • Improve your self-worth and learn how to love yourself
  • Attain a closer relationship with yourself
  • Have a closer relationship with the Divine Spirit
  • Work with your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters
  • Connect with deceased loved ones

Divine Guidance & Clearing is such a beautiful therapy to receive, infusing you with the bliss in your life you deserve!  If you would like to hear from the clients who have experienced this amazing service that LaSetaBelle offers, you can review the testimonials on this website.  For further testimonials, you can visit LaSetaBelle’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/laSetaBelle.

Whether you are on the Gold Coast, in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia, you can have your own unique and personalised Divine Guidance & Clearing session with Belinda Slack-Smith.  If you are located on the Gold Coast, you have the option of having your appointment in person at Burleigh Heads.  Alternatively if you are located anywhere else in Australia, LaSetaBelle offers this service via Skype or telephone.