What Would Happen if You Had Time Out?

What Would Happen if You Had Time Out?

Do you ever have time out just to do nothing?  (are you thinking) What?  What is she saying?  Is this a foreign concept to you?  Well I would like to pose the question………. What would happen if you had time out?  What would really happen? Well let me tell you….. Your batteries will become re-charged […]

Awaken Your Connection with the Divine

      THIS IS A VERY SACRED OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED………………. Awaken Your Connection with the Divine and Become Closer to Your True Self!   Would you like to communicate with the Divine?  Would you like to obtain some clarity on what you could be doing to empower yourself and become more whole?  […]

It’s Crystal Cleansing Time

With the full moon here, it’s time to get your beautiful crystals out and show them the love that they deserve by cleansing them.  When we are near or work with crystals, the crystals can absorb negative energy.  As a result, the crystal’s vibrational frequency can change.  Therefore cleansing and re-charging your crystals can ensure […]

Benefits of Meditation

I asked myself this morning “what would I like to write about in my next blog?”  I decided ‘meditation’ was the next topic I’d write about.  Then while I was waiting to attend an appointment later on the same day, I started browsing through a book called Mind Body Spirit by Mark Evans.  And low […]

LaSetaBelle Relocation Celebration

As of this week, LaSetaBelle has relocated to a beautiful new office.  We are now located at 3 / 35 Township Drive Burleigh Heads. In order to celebrate the wonderful and divine new surroundings, LaSetaBelle would like to welcome all clients the opportunity to experience ALL Divine Creation & Manifestation Sessions for $120 until 30 September. […]